[cdi-dev] Spec launch meeting and CDI weekly meeting

David Currie david_currie at uk.ibm.com
Tue Sep 2 11:46:38 EDT 2014

Hi Antoine,

My apologies - just back from vacation today but sadly I still won't be 
able to make the rescheduled initial meeting. By way of introduction, I 
took over from Joe Bergmark as the owner of CDI for WebSphere Application 
Server earlier this year and, assuming I manage to navigate the IBM 
process, will be looking to join the expert group. I am a relative 
newcomer to CDI having only returned to the JEE space in the past year 
after a break of 4-5 years. Prior to that, my expertise was in the areas 
of messaging, transactions and JCA.


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Hi All,

On CDI 1.1, we use to have a weekly meeting each monday at 16:00 UTC 
(that’s 9:00 am PDT, 6:00 pm CEST and 9:30 pm  IST). It’s hard to find a 
time slot that please everybody (from US West Coast to India), so Ir 
propose we keep this track. Now, if you have issue with this slot (if you 
live in New Zealand or Australia) say it and we’ll try to figure out a 
better slot (even if there’s no ideal one).

The meeting place is the IRC channel and last one hour. We use an IRC bot 
(jbott) to keep track of meeting minutes for the record or people unable 
to attend the meeting. You can get familiarised with BOT commands here : 

So I propose we have our JSR launch meeting next monday (sept 1st) with 
the following agenda :

- Discussion on the working method and tools used (mainly do we use Google 
Drive or Github with Asciidoc for working doc)
- Discussion on each workshop I mentioned in my previous post and missing 
  * Workshop teams
* Workflow chosen
* estimated deadline (hard to say since we don’t know our workforce, but 
will be refined later)
- Q & A if we still have time 

Note that It think we should avoid talking about specific content of 
workshop except if you think things are missing or that we could forgot 
If you want to see other points in the agenda let me know.

I’m thrilled to start this great project with you guys.

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