[cdi-dev] Clarification on the difference on Vetoed and exclude filters regarding Java EE component classes

Martin Kouba mkouba at redhat.com
Thu Aug 6 10:24:41 EDT 2015

Dne 6.8.2015 v 15:55 Emily Jiang napsal(a):
> In the section 3.6. Java EE components of CDI 1.2 specification, it has
> the following statement:
> /It is safe to annotate Java EE components with //@Vetoed //to prevent
> them being considered beans./
> According to my understanding, the JavaEE component classes with @Vetoed
> should still support injections and *ProcessInjectionTarget*events
> should still be fired.
> In the 12.4.2, it states:
> /If the filter is active, and: .... then we say that the type is
> excluded from discovery./
> Does this mean if a JavaEE component class is excluded from the scan in
> the beans.xml, its CDI involvement should be ignored (@Inject would be
> ignored etc)?

I don't think so. I believe the intent of "3.6. Java EE components" is 
to clarify that if a component class (e.g. a servlet class) is also 
recognized as a managed bean [1] there will be two different 
"components" in your applicaion, each managed by a different Java EE 
technology - e.g. a servlet managed by the servlet container and a CDI 
bean with servlet class in its set of bean types.

The servlet has a different lifecycle, it's managed by a servlet 
container and as such must support injection (but cannot be injected, etc.).

This might be confusing and therefore it's a good idea to veto the Java 
EE component classes -> there will be no CDI bean definitions based on 
the component classes.


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