[cdi-dev] JMS 2.1: Proposal to allow any CDI managed bean in a Java EE application to listen for JMS messages

Nigel Deakin nigel.deakin at oracle.com
Tue Aug 25 12:58:09 EDT 2015

On 25/08/2015 17:35, Romain Manni-Bucau wrote:
> well was thinking to both but I see it really nice to not rely only on annotation - and aligned with most specs - since
> sometimes you just want to either be able to rely on a loop or a custom config to register your listeners. Annotations
> are too rigid for such cases.

Obviously, if users don't want to use CDI (or MDBs, which are also declarative), then they would use the normal JMS API. 
The existing API to register an async message listener isn't good enough, and we may improve it in JMS 2.1, but that's 
not something that I'd want to bother the people on cdi-dev with.


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