[cdi-dev] Time to start working on CDI lite

Antoine Sabot-Durand antoine at sabot-durand.net
Fri Aug 28 05:35:47 EDT 2015

Hi guys,

CDI lite is one of the big feature we are expected to deliver for version
2.0. I think it's time to start discussing about its design.

The big picture is to provide a consistent subset of CDI that could be
implemented like Dagger is (code generated with process annotation). This
would allow using CDI in constrained environment like mobile or embedded

IMO CDI lite should be targeted to Java SE (I don't think it would make
sense for Java EE). So, from a specification perspective, we''l probably
have to split core part in 2 and se part as well (gosh).

I'm not sure regarding API. today they only weight 72 KB, so creating a
subset only for the sake of the weight doesn't make sense. the only reason
would be to have something clearer for the end user. but that could be

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