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Antoine Sabot-Durand antoine at sabot-durand.net
Mon Jun 22 05:05:48 EDT 2015

Discussion that was accidentally in private mode

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From: Mark Struberg <struberg at yahoo.de>
Date: ven. 19 juin 2015 à 18:17
Subject: Re: [cdi-dev] Added chapter for context in Java SE.
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Good evening Antoine!

Is this mail deliberately private or did you just forget to cc cdi-dev?
In any case, feel free to forward my reply to the public list.

You bring up a good point. Is JavaSE really a NEW mode?
Or is it rather making official what was initially intended? This was
looong before your time - this was back when the spec still was coined
‚WebBeans‘. Back then we originally wanted to make a DI for ALL Java. We
even wanted to use the javax.inject package looong before there was even an
atinject spec. But ‚politics‘ forced us to add the JavaEE moniker. Ask
Gavin or Pete over a Beer or a good Scotch if you like to hear those story

I rather would _not_ make it a new mode but just stretch the officially
supported usage of the CDI programming model 1:1 to JavaSE as well. That is
what exists with DeltaSpike CdiCtrl and what user already use in a _broad_
way. People imo like to be able to re-use their CDI jars regardless whether
it is SE or EE. If we define that the programming model is behaving
different between SE and EE than I fear we might upset a lot or users.


PS: trying to make it to Paris, but need to check with customers and
probably have to move a few university lectures. So not sure.

> Am 17.06.2015 um 18:28 schrieb Antoine Sabot-Durand <
antoine at sabot-durand.net>:
> Mark,
> CDI for Java SE breaks the compatibility with the rest of CDI since it's
a new feature. And again this will be discussed in CDI-530. I find more
logical to propose a restraint feature in the EDR and open it later than
the contrary.
> Unless you think that CDI-530 is irrelevant and that context control in
SE are useless...
> Antoine
> Le lun. 15 juin 2015 à 23:05, Mark Struberg <struberg at yahoo.de> a écrit :
> Again: this breaks compat with the rest of CDI.
> CDI defines that the request context is basically always on by default.
> So we need this to be enabled by default as well imp.
> LieGrue,
> Strub
> Gesendet von Yahoo Mail für iPad
> Um 15.06.2015 16:26:12 schrieb Antoine Sabot-Durand:Hi all,
> I added a Scopes and contexts in Java SE chapter to specify that only
Application Context is active under Java SE.
> This part will probably refine later thru CDI-530
> Antoine
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