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Hi Emily,

The rules) apply to each jar (archive). There is no merging, thus an app can contain three types of archives :
Non bean archives,
Implicit bean archives,
Explicit bean archives. 

Antoine Sabot-Durand

> Le 1 mai 2015 à 23:03, Emily Jiang <emijiang6 at googlemail.com> a écrit :
> I have a question on bean archives. 
> For the jars under web-inf\lib, are they individual bean archives or they should be merged   with web-inf\classes files and use the beans.xml under web-inf\ to form one bean archive?
> If they are merged together to form one bean archive, what will happen if they have their own beans.xml under Meta-inf dir?
> Below is the what spec says, but it does not mention the jar under web-inf\lib. The spec should make this situation clear.
> In the CDI1.2 spec:
> When determining which archives are bean archives, the container must consider:
> • Library jars, EJB jars or application client jars
> • The WEB-INF/classes directory of a war
> • Directories in the JVM classpath
> The container is not required to support application client jar bean archives.
> A Java EE container is required by the Java EE specification to support Java EE modules. Other
> containers may or may not provide support for war, EJB jar or rar bean archives.
> The beans.xml file must be named:
> • META-INF/beans.xml , or,
> • in a war, WEB-INF/beans.xml or WEB-INF/classes/META-INF/beans.xml.
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> Thanks
> Emily
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