[cdi-dev] It seems we missed a point in CDIProvider enhancement

John D. Ament john.d.ament at gmail.com
Thu May 14 07:26:36 EDT 2015

At some point, I had this issue noted somewhere.  I guess I never brought
it up on the ML.

The behavior of the RI makes no sense IMHO.  If someone else calls
initialize of the CDIProvider I'm working on, now my state is all messed
up.  Not good behavior.

Anyways, if we do #1 it's clear that this initialization doesn't belong in

If we do #2, it'll be bad experience for whoever's using the provider.

I'd prefer a third option.  Revert the change that allows you to call
initialize() multiple times, and instead add a CDIProviderFactory (or
equivalent) that creates new CDIProviders.  You may call initialize on
those instances to get new containers.  Oh then shutdown can go back on the
CDIProvider as well.


On Wed, May 13, 2015 at 1:08 PM, Antoine Sabot-Durand <
antoine at sabot-durand.net> wrote:

> Hi all,
> While cleaning Javadoc in CDIProvider, I realized that getCDI() method
> description is not compatible with the multiple container initialization we
> allowed in the API.
> While running in Java EE getCDI() retuns the current container which is
> fine since there’s only one, but what do we expect from it when running in
> SE?
> I thought of 2 simple solutions for EDR1:
> 1) make getCDI() return the last CDI object initialized by the CDIProvider
> 2) Forbid getCDI() in SE
> Of course there’s always the solution of moving the code outside
> CDIProvider, but it’s less simple…
> Wdyt,
> Antoine
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