[cdi-dev] [PROPOSAL] further align CDI and EJB

Reza Rahman reza.rahman at oracle.com
Mon Nov 16 17:40:33 EST 2015

In terms of CDI and EJB alignment, I think these would have the most 
value to the community going forward:

* The equivalent of EJB @Startup, @DependsOn in CDI (Spring core has 
similarly nice syntax to handle eager loading).
* The equivalent of EJB @Asynchronous, @Lock and @AccessTimeout for CDI. 
These are very useful bits of functionality that should be available to 
plain CDI beans without EJB. A similar @MaxConcurrency could also be 
extremely useful. EJB @Schedule is similarly useful but likely not right 
for CDI proper as it does not have that much to do with component 
life-cycle/bean access management. The others I think are quite natural 
fits for the core of a DI framework (in fact it may be awkward to have 
them elsewhere).

As to doing more work in EJB, honestly it's likely best to leave EJB be 
at this stage. If there is a compelling reason that helps the platform 
and CDI generally we can see if it can be done. By default, EJB is 
pretty minimally resourced for Java EE 8 and that's pretty hard to 
change at this stage. In the community I have mostly seen requests for 
moving functionality out of EJB into CDI rather than the other way around...

On 11/11/2015 2:47 PM, Mark Struberg wrote:
> Hi!
> We already do a decent amount of ‚side-by-side‘ handling in EJB and CDI. But there are still many aready where we could really move together much closer.
> E.g. the CDI spec defines that @Vetoed on EJBs must get accounted by the EJB container. But what happens with ProcessAnnotatedType#veto(). This one is not defined that clearly I fear.
> What if we (of course together with the EJB spec group) define that the EJB container must create the EJBs according to the effective AnnotatedType coming out after ProcessAnnotatedType? This would define that EJBs can also get modified via CDI Extensions. Some container do that already.
> The benefit of explicitly writing this down would obviously be that we would allow EJB to fully utilize the power of CDI Extensions in a portable way.
> Any objections, any ideas, any howtos?
> Let the ideas roll ;)
> LieGrue,
> strub
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