[cdi-dev] test weld 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT with wildfly-9.0.2?

subaochen subaochen at 126.com
Thu Feb 11 09:53:01 EST 2016

hi all, 

I want to test weld-core 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT with wildfly-9.0.2.Final, but because  no probe directory exists in modules/system/layers/base/org/jboss/weld, so mvn package -Pupdate-jboss-as ... failed. 

I have modify jboss-as/pom.xml and add those lines just before <delete>: 

                                        <mkdir dir="${module.dir}/core/main"/>
                                        <mkdir dir="${module.dir}/spi/main"/>
                                        <mkdir dir="${module.dir}/api/main"/>
                                        <mkdir dir="${module.dir}/probe/main"/>

this works fine, but one problem remain: file "module.xml" for probe not provided by wildfly, so how can I find or create suitable module.xml for probe? Or, any patch needed for the missing module.xml file to pom.xml? 

Thanks  in advance!  

Best regards,



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