[cdi-dev] [Vote] for CDI-527 / PR 271 allow proxying of classes with non-private final methods

JJ Snyder j.j.snyder at oracle.com
Fri Feb 12 10:02:51 EST 2016


On 02/09/2016 11:36 AM, Antoine Sabot-Durand wrote:
> Hi all,
> There have been a lot of discussion around CDI-527 in the last weeks:
> https://issues.jboss.org/browse/CDI-527
> Mark proposed a PR:
> https://github.com/cdi-spec/cdi/pull/271
> But we don't agree on adding this feature to the spec.
> This vote is to decide if we should add this feature at the spec level 
> now, or not.
> Should we vote this feature down, that won't mean it will be 
> completely dropped: it could be implemented as non portable feature in 
> both Spec or even be included as experimental feature in the spec (in 
> annexes) as describe in the PR comments
> Vote starts now, only vote from EG members are binding (but you can 
> give your opinion if not part of the EG) and will last 72 hours.
> You vote with the following values:
> +1 : I'm favorable for adding this feature in the spec
> -1 : I'm against adding this feature in the spec
> 0 : I don't care
> Thank you for your attention and your vote.
> Antoine Sabot-Durand
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