[cdi-dev] Type variable check for Event.select() and Event.fire()

Matej Novotny manovotn at redhat.com
Tue Feb 23 10:05:38 EST 2016

Hi, tossing my 0.02$ in.

I believe that anything you cannot boil down to a specific class during type var. resolution should result in exception.
E.g. regarding your questions:

> 1. Event.select()
> ... if you pass a raw type like List.class?
Type variable, as in any other case where you have a MyClass<T>. As long as you do not define T, you have a type variable in place.

>"event.select(new TypeLiteral<List<?>>() {})"
Same scenario I think. I probably fail to see any real difference here? (correct me please ;)

> 2. Event.fire()
> To my understanding:...
My understanding is the same. 
Actually this brings it down to the very same problem as in Event.select(), on requirement on type variable are pretty much the same for select() and fire().

> 3. Example snippet
IMHO the snippet SHOULD FAIL as soon as it hits select() method. Relaxing the conditions on select() doesn't make much sense to me for it should fail with the very same problem
on fire(), right?

BTW I am curious, what would the above snippet do in OWB?

One more note:
Be it one way or the other, the terms "to contain a type variable" and "unresolvable type variable" could use a clarification in the spec.


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Hi all,

I'd like to discuss the following two sentences taken from "10.2.1. The 
Event interface").

1. Event.select()

"If the specified type contains a type variable, an 
IllegalArgumentException is thrown."

So what should happen if you pass a raw type like List.class? The 
Class.getTypeParameters() method returns [E]. Does it mean the type 
contains a type variable? And what about "event.select(new 
TypeLiteral<List<?>>() {})"?

2. Event.fire()

"If the runtime type of the event object contains an unresolvable type 
variable, an IllegalArgumentException is thrown."

To my understanding:
1. the runtime type = eventPayload.getClass()
2. get type variables = getTypeParameters()
3. unresolvable = it's not possible to resolve the variable, nor from 
the Event injetion point nor from the selected type (Event.select()), 
anything else?

3. Example snippet

Should the following snippet fail or not? It currently fails in Weld 
during event.select(). But even if we relax the check it will not be 
always possible to resolve all the type variables, i.e. the subsequent 
{{fire()}} invocation might fail. Or am I missing anything?

Event<Object> event;
public void testSelectSubtypeWithWildcard() {
   List<String> updatedList = new ArrayList<>();
   Event<List<?>> child = event.select(new TypeLiteral<List<?>>() {});


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