[cdi-dev] CDI + 3rd party DI frameworks

Paul Benedict pbenedict at apache.org
Tue Jan 5 17:13:20 EST 2016

Hello EG members. I have a question regarding this statement from the
"Parts CDI Workshop doc". The line is: "Allow 3rd parties to implement
easily this subpart of CDI"

One thing, which has constantly frustrated me when using CDI 1.x, is the
lack of seamless integration with popular/proprietary DI frameworks (like
Spring). Regarding my experience with CDI+Spring in one app, I annotate CDI
injection points one way, and Spring injection points another way. I do not
like this schism and always seek to resolve it the best I can, but it's
never satisfactory to me.

It's my hope that, one day, custom DI frameworks that boot-up inside an app
can join themselves to the CDI engine and be able offer up their beans
through a CDI SPI. When the app tears down, so does the 3rd party framework
and those beans are no longer available. Thus, I would like CDI to offer
integration service points so that bean contexts/archive are, in a sense,

Is anything like this planned for 2.0? Or, if this idea is brand new, what
do you think of it?

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