[cdi-dev] pull requests broken?

Mark Struberg struberg at yahoo.de
Sat Jan 16 05:50:51 EST 2016

Oki txs.

Is 2.0-EDR2 now the official work branch for time time coming? 
I cannot find any mail nor log where this got discussed or announced. Did I miss something?

How does it look like for the CDI-TCK? Which branch to use for it?

txs and LieGrue,

> Am 16.01.2016 um 11:28 schrieb Antoine Sabot-Durand <antoine at sabot-durand.net>:
> Hi Mark,
> There was nothing done recently on the repo. The last big change was my request to make it the main repo (it was mark as a fork of Ales before that), but it was 2 years ago.
> You should add the remote again on your local repo.
> Don't forget to make your PR on 2.0-EDR2 branch.
> Antoine 
> Le sam. 16 janv. 2016 à 10:51, Mark Struberg <struberg at yahoo.de> a écrit :
> hi folks!
> I cannot send a pull-request anymore. Only got pete and ales in the fork upstream network list. The official cdi-spec repo is gone from my list. The sha1 chain is fine though.
> Got this broken by some tinkering with the official repo or is github broken?
> LieGrue,
> strub
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