[cdi-dev] CDI-30 F2F meeting summary

Antoine Sabot-Durand antoine at sabot-durand.net
Fri Jun 24 16:06:56 EDT 2016

Hi all,

Just to sum up the meeting we had today about CDI-30 and John's PR.
If I forgot something, the attendee (John, Matej and Werner) can of course
correct or add content.

While we agreed that this feature is very important, it's obvious that each
of us has a different way of seeing it.
To try to get out of the current dead end, the idea was to split the
problem in 2 goal :

1. Provide low level SPI for framework and spec developers to reuse cdi
built in scope. Roughly it consist of giving the possibility to activate
and deactivate context programmatically. If it's possible this should be
done without adding new interface to keep the SPI as simple as possible

2. Provide a mean for standard (yet advanced) developers to
activate/deactivate built-in contexts at will (probably thru interceptors)

Goal 1 is mandatory for EDR2 while goal 2 is a nice to have.
John start the work on goal 1 in the coming days.

For goal 2 it would be nice that each of us think about one or more real
life use case that this context activation could allow to check if the
design SPI fits the need.

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