[cdi-dev] AnnotatedTypeConfigurator limitation

Antoine Sabot-Durand antoine at sabot-durand.net
Wed Nov 16 05:30:04 EST 2016

Hi Guys,

Following CDI-642 and 643 I started to explore place where annotatedType
can be used and where we don't provide access to AnnotatedTypeConfigurator
[1], I really think we should solve this use case to avoid advanced users
frustration discovering a new feature they can use everywhere (that was my
case when realised that I could use it in BBD for Qualifier or
interceptorBinding addition).

Possible solutions:
1) Add a hook to each of these place to obtain an AnnotatedTypeConfigurator
2) Add BM.createAnnotatypeConfigurator(Class) and
3) Add a Builder class that would provide a configure method
4) Transform AnnotatedTypeConfigurator into a Builder and simplify SPI
using AnnotatedTypeConfigurator.


 [1] Non exhaustive list :
- BeforeTypeDiscovery for addQualifier and addInterceptorBinding
- UnManaged class
- BeanManager createInjectionTartet and getInjectionTargetFactory or in
- BeanManager getProducerFactory where a configured AnnotatedField or
AnnotatedMethod could be useful
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