[cdi-dev] do you like it or not?

antoine antoine at sabot-durand.net
Sun Apr 30 22:38:27 EDT 2017

Hello friend, 

Just take a  look at that stuff I've just found on the web, do you  like  it or not? Check it out http://seaadsa.circlemotel.net

Sincerely yours, antoine

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It's a non tariff  trade barrier. If foreigners try to import bathroom scales that can't display  weight  in stones we burn them in The Wicker Man. Come to think of it, it's not really a non tariff trade barrier. It's more like a psychotic country bumpkin thing. 

Got to go, we're still burning city types after the solstice.  They tried to  order  beer  in  pints  instead of  hemisemidemihemisemidemihemisemidemihogsheads at the local, The Slaughtered Goat.

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