[cdi-dev] Can an observer be both async and sync?

John Ament john.ament at spartasystems.com
Sun Mar 5 19:42:09 EST 2017

Section 10.4.4 has the following section which got me thinking

public void refreshOnDocumentUpdate(@Observes(notifyObserver=IF_EXISTS) @Updated Document doc) { ... }

public void asyncRefreshOnDocumentUpdate(@ObservesAsync(notifyObserver=IF_EXISTS) @Updated Document doc) { ... }

I'm wondering, is it OK to have an observer method defined like this?

public void asyncRefreshOnDocumentUpdate(@Observes(notifyObserver=IF_EXISTS) @ObservesAsync(notifyObserver=IF_EXISTS) @Updated Document doc) { ... }

I don't see anything against this in the spec, but I suspect most people are going to think this shouldn't work.  So I'm asking the question - should it work?


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