[cdi-dev] Can an observer be both async and sync?

Tomas Remes tremes at redhat.com
Mon Mar 6 01:55:39 EST 2017

Hi John,

No it shouldn't. The problematic and confusing case would be when there is some other param (injection point) in this observer method and this param resolves to let's say @SessionScoped bean. How does it work then? Once it fails (since there's no context propagation for async event), once it works (sync event)? Therefore this was forbidden.


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Subject: [cdi-dev] Can an observer be both async and sync?

Section 10.4.4 has the following section which got me thinking 

public void refreshOnDocumentUpdate(@Observes(notifyObserver=IF_EXISTS) @Updated Document doc) { ... } 

public void asyncRefreshOnDocumentUpdate(@ObservesAsync(notifyObserver=IF_EXISTS) @Updated Document doc) { ... } 

I'm wondering, is it OK to have an observer method defined like this? 

public void asyncRefreshOnDocumentUpdate( @Observes(notifyObserver=IF_EXISTS) @ObservesAsync(notifyObserver=IF_EXISTS) @Updated Document doc) { ... } 

I don't see anything against this in the spec, but I suspect most people are going to think this shouldn't work. So I'm asking the question - should it work? 


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Tomas Remes

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