[errai-dev] Suggestion: i18n "manual" mode

Eric Wittmann eric.wittmann at redhat.com
Fri Apr 5 11:00:56 EDT 2013

Fair enough, although I'm definitely not ready to admit defeat on the 
auto-translation idea.  Once we get rid of some of the false-positives 
I'm hoping it's much more usable.  The two things we discussed:

1) If an element is text-only (has no child elements) *and* it is mapped 
to a @DataField, then assume it's dynamic and DOES NOT need translation. 
  Presumably can be overridden with a data-i18n-key attribute to force 
2) Capability to mark sections of the template as "dummy content".  This 
was going to be more generic than just i18n - we can leverage this to 
slim down templates possibly.

Any other rules to nuke false positives?  I think those are the two 
obvious ones I've run into so far.


On 04/05/2013 10:45 AM, Jonathan Fuerth wrote:
> It may turn out that automatic translation of everything is a bad idea. Or maybe a good idea that's untenable.
> If that's the case, maybe it's best to admit defeat and say you have to indicate which elements are translatable in your template's markup.
> Sometimes we need switches and knobs, but when one approach is sensible and the other is not, why clutter things up with a switch? :-)
> -Jonathan
> On 2013-04-05, at 10:18 AM, Eric Wittmann wrote:
>> Hey guys.  After using this a little bit more I'm wondering if a
>> "manual" mode should be supported for i18n.  I think the automatic
>> generation of keys is a great feature, and will be much more usable once
>> we address some of the false-positives (via the strategies we discussed
>> yesterday).  That said, I think as a developer who is writing *both* the
>> templates and the errai app, I would prefer a fully-manual mode.
>> In other words, I would like to be able to flip a switch on my template
>> so that *only* the "data-i18n-key" approach is taken.  So I would be
>> forced to add that attribute to anything I wanted translated.
>> For those of us who like fine-grained control, it seems like a nice option.
>> Thoughts?
>> -Eric
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