[forge-dev] Testing WebLogic code

Luca Masini luca.masini at gmail.com
Fri Dec 7 06:36:56 EST 2012

As suggested I wrote on Arquillian community and this is the response:

"The Arquillian WebLogic Container only depend on JavaEE libs compile time,
so we avoid the license issue there. But when it comes to running/testing,
you'll need a license.

So currently, the WebLogic container is only built(compiled/packaged) on
our CI. Community members that hold a license run the test suite manually.

I don't remember how the WebLogic developer license is, but the WebSphere
Developer license states things like: can not be used for testing, only
valid to the local developer computer, can not be placed as part of a build
server, etc etc.

Seemingly, you're not allowed to release code that requires container
libraries compile time based on those licenses. Even if compiled from the
local computer that has the license."

Is exactly our case. I would like to remember that, on contrary of
WebSphere, when I asked about license problem Oracle answered me that for
them is enough that we don't use WebLogic for a production site.

What to do now ?

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