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Hey Robb,

This is awesome! I think very valuable as well. To start adding
annotations, take a look at how the FieldPlugin (JPA Specific) does it -

That should give you almost everything you need. You'll want to make sure
you use the Forge Resource API to do your work (don't use regular File()

Anything else you need?

On Fri, Dec 21, 2012 at 1:38 PM, Robb Greathouse
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> Hi all,
> I have been working on something with Forge to build out projects really
> quickly.  I do it with cut and pastes now.  But is so simple, it should be
> possible to write a plugin to do this. I take the views that are
> automatically generated by the Forge and cut and paste them together.
> What I wanted to do was a plugin that would take the views created by the
> forge (create.xhtml, search.xhtml, view.xhtml) and build them into another
> view.  Example taking a customer.xhtml and creditCard.xhtml and combining
> them to be a customerRegistration.xhtml.  Really easy with the forge frame
> work.  Just requires adding a cascade and fetch to the @ManyToOne
> annotation.
> Really simple.
> Then wanted to try something more complicated like a Booking (from
> TicketMonster) by combining more and creating a backing bean by injecting
> other backing beans into it.
> While the UI will not be pretty; but IMHO it creates a solid starting
> point really fast, that can be easily beautified later.  Just doing it cut
> and paste really speeds up development.
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