[forge-dev] automatic dependency detection problem

Thomas Frühbeck fruehbeck at aon.at
Sun Feb 12 20:15:18 EST 2012

Yes, I would like to have it "mainstreamed", I just wanted to be sure to 
understand how things work before I come up with a proposal. There are 
some problematic points in the scaffold, which will not easily be 
managed by inheritance e.g. BackingBean.jv, so I am convinced, that only 
a clean and clear design can make it work.
No, I do _not_ want to create a parallel development, it just looks like 
you are in the middle of closing 1.0..

Anyhow I made a git project " plugin-faces-idaware" on github.com, so 
you can have a look at my changes anytime - please not yet, the issues 
with package visibility are still a problem. I'm not so used to git yet, 
though I gradually tend to get hooked :-)
I promise I will send a pull request when it's stable enough to have it 
integrated. I really do think that stability of the seam plugin is key 
for the success of Forge.

@reverse engineer: I had a go with the hibernate plugin, but I found, 
that it produces field access annotations, which I do not like.
So I simply used Eclipse Hibernate tools (JBoss plugin??) to reverse 
engineer my database and then copied the sources into a Forge project.
Works great, that's exactly what I expected from a tool like Forge :-))


Am 12.02.2012 15:52, schrieb Lincoln Baxter, III:
> First,
> It's awesome that you've been getting into the Inspectors and 
> WidgetBuilders! I think that's great!
> It sounds like you starting creating a new scaffold because there were 
> some problems with the existing one.
> My question is:
> "Are there enough differences between the Faces scaffold and the one 
> that you are writing, that you think they should be separate?" OR do 
> you think we should just fix what is wrong with the existing one? (I 
> would lean toward fixing it, and adding extension points for any 
> places where you want things to be different :)
> What do you think?
> I'd love to help you however I can to make this happen.
> We usually just use Pull requests and JIRA issues to track this type 
> of work so that everyone can stay in sync! Sound like something you're 
> interested in? It's ok that you don't have much time - this is open 
> source!
> ~Lincoln
> PS. Which type of database engineering did you use? Forge? How did it 
> work for you?

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