[forge-dev] automatic dependency detection problem

Thomas Frühbeck fruehbeck at aon.at
Sun Feb 12 20:34:20 EST 2012

Many thanks for your kind words, yes you are absolutely right! I did it 
first differently because I used to see the real Id in the legacy UI 
too, bad habits are hard to come by :-)
What you proposed is exactly what I just implemented, now the UI just 
sees only the opaque id and the BackingBean will do the rest.
There is just ONE issue that bothered me: when building the pages (e.g. 
tables) you will _have_ to write the real id in the EL-expression. This 
is in fact a little awkward. When replacing the id everywhere it would 
be easier to maintain and understand, isn't it?

I just submitted the first working version, I tested it for simple beans 
and oneToMany until now.

Time for bed!
Cheers :-)

Am 12.02.2012 22:25, schrieb Richard Kennard:
> In particular, I'm not clear what you are doing inside IdAwareEntityWidgetBuilder. Won't your changes result in the Id field being visible in the UI
> (albeit as a link)? I'm not sure we would want this.

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