[forge-dev] Bug with installing plugins: a clue

Richard Kennard richard at kennardconsulting.com
Thu Feb 23 06:51:25 EST 2012

Hi guys,

I've been having a problem installing Forge plugins from Git for a while now, and tonight I stumbled on a little clue. It appears when I type:

     forge git-plugin git://github.com/forge/scaffold-aerogear

That Forge (CR2) installs my plugin (on Windows) under:


But it then immediately fails saying:

Failed loading: org.jboss.forge.plugins.aerogear.plugin-scaffold-aerogear:1.0.0.CR2:1.0.0-SNAPSHOT-65e6638c-c6ce-4858-8a8a-4edc1d44123a 
org.jboss.modules.ModuleNotFoundException: Module 
org.jboss.forge.plugins.aerogear.plugin-scaffold-aerogear:1.0.0-SNAPSHOT-65e6638c-c6ce-4858-8a8a-4edc1d44123a is not found in local module loader @67d95492 
(roots: Z:\forge-distribution-1.0.0.CR2\bin\..\modules,N:\MyDocuments\KennardConsulting\Git\.forge\plugins)

You'll note it is *not* looking under C:\Users\Richard\.forge. It is looking under N:\MyDocuments\KennardConsulting\Git\.forge? Anyone have any idea why 
that would be?



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