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Paul Bakker paul.bakker at luminis.eu
Mon Feb 27 11:14:13 EST 2012

Hi!  Had a good time?
The new API looks really good to use here, didn't know we could do that… I wasn't too happy with using configuration for this, because it will break on refactoring, so it's much better is we can do it this way. I will look into it to use it.


On Feb 27, 2012, at 17:09 , Lincoln Baxter, III wrote:

Hey Paul!

Back from Vaca.

My first thought here is that this is excellent use of the Configuration API, but I think currently the way this is written, it depends on the Configuration in order to recognize the fact that there is an application class serving as a REST activator?

We could use the JavaParser TreeVisiting API that was just introduced, in order to search project sources and make this determination.



On Wed, Feb 15, 2012 at 5:48 PM, Paul Bakker <paul.bakker at luminis.eu<mailto:paul.bakker at luminis.eu>> wrote:
Hi Lincoln,

I made some progress on refactoring the rest stuff, plus I added the option to use an Application class instead of web.xml. Because it changed quite a lot and this is the first time we use the idea of having "nested" facets it would probably be good if you review before I merge to master.


Let me know what you think :-)


Lincoln Baxter, III
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