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Paul Bakker paul.bakker.nl at gmail.com
Wed Feb 29 17:25:57 EST 2012

Hi Ivan,

First of all, how much time do you have for the talk? 
Second, I would focus on mostly demos, that speaks a lot more then slides in this case.

1) makes sense
2) agreed, should do this completely in demo imo. You could also use some "project enhancement" plugins such as the code quality plugin to show how easy it is to do a lot of maven configuration.
3) Not sure you should do that, to do anything fun you need to write some code which takes time but it's not really Forge related. If you do want to do another development demo, an osgi demo would be interesting. You could create a project using the plugin and then deploy to ACE using the ACE plugin for example. I do still need to make them compatible with 1.0.0 though, didn't know anybody was using them ;-)
4) Yes! Spend a lot of time on this subject. Also show how you can test plugins and as much APIs as possible (dependencies, config, maven plugin/config API, code generation etc.) Again, live coding works best.
5) You just proved that by writing a plugin on stage, so invite people to write some plugins for the projects they are working on.

I think it's complete like this. You might also want to show the JBoss Tools integration which is pretty  cool :-)


On Feb 29, 2012, at 21:25 , Ivan St. Ivanov wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> Now with Forge already final, it's time for us to advertise it to our local JUGs. I would take the opportunity to talk about it in the Bulgarian JUG (somewhere in April though :-(). Here is what I plan to show:
> 1) General rant about Forge: what it is good for and how it differs from maven archetypes and Spring Roo (no religious stuff, I'm a Spring fan BTW)
> 2) Developing a Java EE application with scaffolding: here I would show something more complex than the conference sample app that Lincoln already presented on the Java2Days conference in Sofia last year. Here I would like to talk about some of the not so common features of the metawidget plugin. Any ideas? Of course also some Arquillian and OpenShift.
> 3) After a short break I would continue with a different type of application that you could implement with Forge. Looking at the plugins, maybe it could be the OSGi stuff.
> 4) Next: developing a plugin. Create a sample plugin, explanation of the different settings: command, options, usage of the shell prompt, the environment, the configuration API, etc.
> 5) Finally: the get involved section
> What do you think? Should I add something else or drop anything?
> Cheers,
> Ivan
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