[forge-dev] Openshift plugin

Max Rydahl Andersen max.andersen at redhat.com
Thu Oct 4 07:39:35 EDT 2012

> So I just started working on EAP support. https://issues.jboss.org/browse/FORGEPLUGINS-88 opened!

Oh I was wondering why EAP wasn't supported.
Didn't realize the forge openshift install was jboss specific.

One item I got is that we check if the projects setup by JBoss Tools, openshift client and OpenShift Forge client are compatible or can be made compatible.

i.e. forge *always* uses "openshift" as the remote afaik - openshift client always create projects where the remote is in "origin" - as a consequence jboss tools
added support for naming the remote used so you could align them.

If openshift could allow naming the remote or pick up the existing remote pointing to openshift these things could be aligned.

>>> Pete and Lincoln talked about some of them in JavaOne here are some:
>>>    * support for embedding cartridges
>>>    * support for eap
>>>    * tail files

all of the above is available for use from the new openshift client.

>>> I also got those:
>>>    * setup when openshift application exists
>>>    * snapshot management ?
>>>    * key management ?
>>>    * alias management
>>>    * enable scaling on create app ?
>>>    * Use alternate openshift config file

whats this one ?

>>>    * config port forward ?

we got this in jbosstools - for forge I guess it requires running a jsch port forward (or launch ssh native in separate process) ?


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