[forge-dev] Regarding Errai and JBoss Plugin

Luca Masini luca.masini at gmail.com
Tue Oct 16 04:11:42 EDT 2012

Hi guys, I'm writing this because this friday I'll talk about forge and
errai-plugin and I'm getting some trouble.

I try to synthesize in few words:

1) errai-plugin: the generated web.xml is is configured for jetty and
doesn't work on JBoss AS 7 (my presentation target) and I needed to remove
everything but the DefaultBlockingServlet mapping
2) errai-plugin: pom.xml reference a SNAPSHOT version of errai instead of
2.1.0.FINAL (I think this is due to the fact is a CR1)
3) errai-plugin: generated pom.xml has wrong version and a bad dependency
("org.jboss.weld.servlet:weld-se:1.1.6.Final" instead of
org.jboss.weld.servlet:weld-servlet:1.1.6.Final !)
4) errai-plugin: if I install CDI and then I install JAXRS the pom.xml is
modified but not the App.gwt.xml file !! Had to modify by hand (with
strange errors indeed)
5) jboss-plugin: here the fact is quite involved. I have many heap and perm
gen (on 64bit JVM) memory problems, so I looked for a way to configure
memory. I saw the plugin has a jvmArgs property but this is never read or
written. I had to modify it into the plugin itself.
6) eclipse forge plugin: there no way to increase memory for the forked
forge. Default memory is enough in all situation but when I deploy on JBoss
AS7, from time to time I receive OOM errors and I have to kill AS7 and
restart forge

Am I doing something wrong ?? Do you think I'm following a bad road for my
presentation ??

Thank you guys.

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