[forge-dev] JSR-107 (Caching API) plugin

Dan Allen dan.j.allen at gmail.com
Thu Oct 25 05:21:19 EDT 2012

At long last, JSR-107 is moving again and has a functional impl (as in it
runs). This would be a great candidate for a starter Forge plugin, if
someone is interested.

Aside from being a simple use case, the strategy here for Forge is that it
could become the recommended way to experiment with the spec as it matures
towards final draft, rather than developers messing with Maven Archetypes
or copy-paste.

Here's a nice short overview of the spec status from @myfear:


Red Hat is also on this spec EG if I'm not mistaken. Integration with CDI
will be happening soon (lots of design discussions about it have been long


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