[forge-dev] Forge Scaffold x-Project { Aerogear, Arquillian, Errai, Java EE, RichFaces, Spring } - inputs and meetings

Thomas Frühbeck fruehbeck at aon.at
Wed Mar 6 11:08:07 EST 2013

Can you please point out the locations of the respective scaffold 
plugins you refer to, and give some introduction to the direction of 
planned development.
I read from the meeting transcript:
     - extendable templates to prevent scaffold duplication
     - conventions must be established
     - scaffold generate tests

Knowing Faces, Aerogear plugins and my proposed Errai plugin quite well 
I find it somewhat amusing to see them all be based on frameworks and 
provide some extendability, yet each in a very distinct and not very 
congruent way - perhaps my bad?
During building my Errai plugin I found it e.g. difficult to implement 
thorough type safety and entity relationships when the calls of the 
scaffold are either per single file/entity ("generateFromEntity") or for 
all files/entities ("generateIndex"), both not so well suited for 
handling of _relationships_.

Furthermore the development models are interestingly far apart:
     - Faces: unsafe JSP + converters/handlers/_named_ beans + server side
     - Errai: compile time type safety, intensive integrity validation, 
client side optimizations

     - the Errai compilation would fail, if a "Form"Composite declared a 
widget that is not found in its HTML template, thus enforcing the HTML 
template be generated _together_ with its "Form"Composite
     - by _re_building only _one_ entity (generateFromEntity) in Errai 
the generated code would possibly fail miserably w/o rebuilding also its 
related entities

Honestly I found myself frequently in the miserable position to rebuild 
the complete entity model because of interdependencies. Anyway, while 
writing these lines I find interesting possibilities to decouple code 
for more flexibility :-)

I am very interesting in evolving my plugin, so I hope you can give some 
idea about the planned templating etc.
If there are not yet clear directions I am ready to scetch out the main 
issues I encountered for open discussions.


Am 06.03.2013 14:38, schrieb Vineet Reynolds Pereira:
> Hello all,
>      This is more of a follow up on Lincoln's mail sent earlier on the cross-project scaffold team.
>      Sebastian and I have been working on fleshing out the details of the new scaffold plugin to handle several requirements, as part of the single collaborative scaffold initiative. We're going to attempt making this work on Forge 1, and port the design over to Forge 2. While our work so far has covered fairly decent ground, it is mostly due to the commonalities in the scaffolds we work on - AngularJS and Aerogear. JSF/RichFaces, Errai are notable exceptions, and I'd like to propose a weekly/bi-weekly cross-scaffold team meeting to pour over the details of this new scaffold plugin, so that design decisions will attempt to accomodate all projects (instead of only HTML5 ones). 30 mins should be fine to start with, stretching to a maximum of an hour (if there are too many topics to discuss).
>     I'd like to know what time would be suitable for this discussion. If we cannot find a suitable time for everyone to join in, or if you schedules are busy, we could have impromptu meetings.
> Thanks,
> Vineet
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