[forge-dev] Forge Scaffold x-Project { Aerogear, Arquillian, Errai, Java EE, RichFaces, Spring } - inputs and meetings

Max Rydahl Andersen max.andersen at redhat.com
Thu Mar 7 16:08:36 EST 2013

>Hello all,
>    This is more of a follow up on Lincoln's mail sent earlier on the cross-project scaffold team.
>    Sebastian and I have been working on fleshing out the details of the new scaffold plugin to handle several requirements, as part of the single collaborative scaffold initiative. We're going to attempt making this work on Forge 1, and port the design over to Forge 2. While our work so far has covered fairly decent ground, it is mostly due to the commonalities in the scaffolds we work on - AngularJS and Aerogear. JSF/RichFaces, Errai are notable exceptions, and I'd like to propose a weekly/bi-weekly cross-scaffold team meeting to pour over the details of this new scaffold plugin, so that design decisions will attempt to accomodate all projects (instead of only HTML5 ones). 30 mins should be fine to start with, stretching to a maximum of an hour (if there are too many topics to discuss).
>   I'd like to know what time would be suitable for this discussion. If we cannot find a suitable time for everyone to join in, or if you schedules are busy, we could have impromptu meetings.

I probably can't make it to all of them but would like to be on the
invite if such meeting happens so i'll notice it and listen in and
provide feedback where I can.


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