[forge-dev] I need to get @IdClass value as Class instance

Doychin Bondzhev doychin at gmail.com
Tue Aug 18 14:45:17 EDT 2015


I'm continuing to try to solve the problem with IdClass annotation.

The problem is that when I get value of annotation with this code:

AnnotationSource<JavaClassSource> idClassAnotation = entityClass
String valueClassName = idClassAnotation.getLiteralValue();

I get "className.class". There is no info about package.

Also Class Loader facet has no access to classes defined in the project. 
Only to external classes. At least I was not able to load for example 
Entity class.

If I had access to entity class from class loader I can get annotation 
from class definition and get it's value.

Also I need to test primary key class that it implements 

Any suggestion where to look for sample how to solve all the problems 
mentioned above?

thanks in advance.

Doychin Bondzhev
dSoft-Bulgaria Ltd.
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