[forge-dev] Forge meeting minutes - 2015-08-25

George Gastaldi ggastald at redhat.com
Tue Aug 25 11:24:08 EDT 2015

#forge Meeting

Meeting started by gastaldi at 14:14:03 UTC. The full logs are available

Meeting summary
* Agenda  (gastaldi, 14:14:27)
  * I've been lately working in the performance issues in Forge and
    fixing critical bugs.  (gastaldi, 14:23:35)
  * Right now I am experiencing some shell test failures, probably
    because they were disabled in previous builds.  (gastaldi, 14:27:12)
  * Forge 2.18.1.Final should be released soon. As the version says,
    this is a bug-fix release for some regression bugs introduced in
    2.18.0.Final  (gastaldi, 14:29:07)
  * I've created a roadmap for the future Forge versions (not public for
    (gastaldi, 14:33:50)

* Status report  (gastaldi, 14:38:43)

* Priorities  (gastaldi, 14:38:49)
  * our priority is to get Forge 2.18.1.Final asap with the performance
    improvements.  (gastaldi, 14:39:34)
  * gastaldi will create a feedback form asking Forge users for what
    would be nice to have in future Forge versions and send to the
    forge-users and forge-dev lists  (gastaldi, 14:48:13)

* GSoC 2015  (gastaldi, 14:49:18)
  * this is the final evaluation week. Devanshut will present a demo for
    the docker addon on Wednesday and Wissem will present about the DB
    Migration addon on Friday. Let me know if you wish to join
    (gastaldi, 14:51:12)

Meeting ended at 14:54:52 UTC.

Action Items

Action Items, by person
  * (none)

People Present (lines said)
* gastaldi (43)
* agoncal (8)
* jbott (7)
* lincolnthree (2)
* jbossbot (1)
* vineetreynolds (0)

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