[hibernate-dev] hsearch-69 questions

John Griffin jgriffin at thebluezone.net
Mon Aug 13 22:48:19 EDT 2007



Sorry for the delay on hsearch-69 but I really screwed up my back and have
been on some serious pain medication. Don't want to write code in that shape


Anyway, I've traced the code down to LuceneWorker and know that's where the
work is to be done but since this will be a class purge instead of a remove
(which is already in the class) what else has to be taken care of besides
the actual index itself? 


1.       I assume the class must be removed from the Class[] classes in

2.       This includes the classAndSubclasses Set


Or is it only necessary to remove the entity from the index and the rest
takes care of itself?


John G.

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