[hibernate-dev] Problem with Work class

John Griffin jgriffin at thebluezone.net
Fri Aug 17 23:38:53 EDT 2007

OK, I'm past that problem and have fixed a couple more but I'm now stumped.
I'm trying to purge a single entity and the add() method of
BatchedQueueingProcessor creates a Work instance. I've traced this and the
correct entity is being used to create the Work instance. When the
prepareWorks() method executes this statement:


Class entityClass = Hibernate.getClass( work.getEntity() );


The entityClass variable is not my original object's class, it's
'java.lang.Class'. When the 


DocumentBuilder<Object> builder =
searchFactoryImplementor.getDocumentBuilders().get( entityClass );


statement executes, the builder is obviously 'null' so it returns and no
processing is done. I am stumped at the return of 'java.lang.Class'. Anyone
have ideas?? I can't go any further with this until we figure this out.



John G.




You should not need to have access, I think.

Workers from the WorkerFactory take entity and work type. All of them are
stored by the BatchedQueueingProcessor Then before tx commit,
QueueingProcessor.prepareWorks prepare the queue and create Lucene specific
works (queue of LuceneWork).

after tx commit, the LuceneWork queue is processed. Either by accessing
Lucene or by sending a JMS message.




On  Aug 16, 2007, at 00:29, John Griffin wrote:


> By default the WorkerFactory creates a TransactionalWorker. How can I 

> set up the Configuration object in my tests so that the SearchFactory 

> will return an instance of LuceneWorker? This is critical to the Purge 

> implementation.




> Thx,




> John G.



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