[hibernate-dev] HSearch-81

Emmanuel Bernard emmanuel at hibernate.org
Mon Aug 27 13:33:36 EDT 2007

Today bridges are applied on properties, from a property, you can  
manipulate the Document and do what pleases you.
But sometimes, it's useful to actually use several properties at the  
same time to create one Field in the Document (let's say the field  
should contain firstname +  " " + lastname;

To do that it would be great to have Class level bridges, the actual  
object is passed to the bridge instead of one of its porperties.

On  Aug 26, 2007, at 14:41, John Griffin wrote:

> Guys,
> How about a quick rundown on this one on exactly what we are trying  
> to accomplish. I haven’t looked at bridges in detail  yet.
> John G.
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