[hibernate-dev] Annotations and JPA

Emmanuel Bernard emmanuel at hibernate.org
Mon Nov 5 15:05:29 EST 2007

AnnotationBinder is the class you're looking for.
@Column is used in several place, but it happens at runtime during  
what is called the Annotationconfiguration.secondPassCompile() phase  
(usually when you build the session factory).

On  Nov 5, 2007, at 10:14, Julien Martin wrote:

> Hello,
> I am looking into the source code of Hibernate and I am trying to  
> better understand how it is implemented.
> My question relates to annotation processing by Hibernate. Let's  
> take a simple JPA annotation : [code]@Column[/code].
> I would like to know:
> -What is the class in charge of processing the annotation (at  
> runtime I suppose)?
> -How and when is the relevant method of that class invoked (at  
> runtime I suppose)?
> Any clue welcome,
> Thanks in advance for your replies,
> Julien.
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