[hibernate-dev] exposing statistics easier (HHH-3593 solution)

Steve Ebersole steve at hibernate.org
Thu Nov 20 14:57:14 EST 2008

Since this code deals with JMX, I'd rather see this functionality as
part of the hibernate-jmx module which I am totally fine making JDK 1.5
specific.  The implication of that though is that you'd need to move all
code outside of the hibernate-core module and bootstrap it another way
(perhaps as a SessionFactoryListener).


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On Thu, 2008-11-20 at 14:47 -0500, John Mazzitelli wrote:
> To be sure, hibernate.generate_statistics is usually not enough if you 
> want to use a monitoring tool (since it is generally not the case that 
> your monitoring tool is running in the same VM as the hibernate app and 
> can access the statistics object directly).
> > The main problem is that it feels odd for Hibernate to be responsible 
> > for the Bean Server startup.
> I thought the opposite - I don't like having to ask developers to write 
> special code in their apps to be able to peek at their hibernate stats. 
>   I should be able to take any hibernate application, add a couple 
> configuration settings to enable stats and be able to peek at the stats 
> from an external monitoring tool.
> As it is right now, given a hibernate app without this special code 
> built in somewhere, there is no way for me to monitor it.
> > If we nevertheless go that path, we need to enhance a few things:
> >  - sessionFactory.close() should release the Bean Server if it started 
> > one initially (good citizen)
> >  - sessionFactory.close() should release the MBean
> good points.
> >  - it would be nice to find a better way than  the *platform* hack ( 
> > maybe hibernate.generate_statistics.jmx.mbeanserver.plaform = true )
> I didn't go this route because I didn't want two properties setting the 
> same thing, and possibly saying two different things.  For example, I 
> don't want the possibility of someone accidentally doing this:
> ...jmx.mbeanserver = my_mbean_server
> ...jmx.mbeanserver.plaform = true
> That's saying "use the platform MBeanServer" *and* "use the MBeanServer 
> with a default domain name of "my_mbean_server". Which takes effect?  I 
> didn't want someone to do something confusing like this.
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