[hibernate-dev] exposing statistics easier (HHH-3593 solution)

Max Rydahl Andersen max.andersen at redhat.com
Fri Nov 21 03:26:04 EST 2008

Next major release of Hibernate will be much more modularized than earlier.

It's in trunk, so not something that is going to show up in 3.2.x.


> hibernate-jmx is actually news to me - I didn't realize there was such a  
> module.
> Is it easy for someone with an existing app to plop this hibernate-jmx  
> module (.jar?) in their app deployment and have it "just work"?
> I'm curious if this is going to be shipped with, say, JBossAS, so its  
> already available to people without downloading it separately.
> I'll see if I can read up some more on that module.
> Max Rydahl Andersen wrote:
>> John, follow Steve's lead and put it in hibernate-jmx module.
>>  These statistics have been hidden all too long for users of Hibernate  
>> IMO.
>> This setting will make it available.
>>  IMO it is not a security issue since its not enabled by default and  
>> similar
>> to users of AS can go enable jmx console without a password or the  
>> standard password.
>>  Wether we have a simple setting for this or users put mutations of  
>> different ways of
>> setting up JMX doesn't make much of a difference does it ?
>>  /max
>>>> But even under JSE it's
>>>> trivial to publish an MBean in a few lines of Java code as well:
>>> Well, that's my whole point in this exercise.  We shouldn't require  
>>> people to introduce this code (albeit trivial) in their app just so it  
>>> can be monitored (after all, how many app developers actually take it  
>>> upon themselves to write code whose sole purpose is monitoring?).  And  
>>> once you put it in, you probably will want additional code to  
>>> introduce a way to disable it if you need to - see Emmanuel's point  
>>> about security. It should be configurable directly from the framework  
>>> itself.
>>>> Let's instead burn some calories in Hibernate 3.3 getting natural ID
>>>> key caching working properly, okay? :-)
>>> I've already burned the calories myself (it is working with the patch  
>>> I attached to the JIRA). And since I don't work on other parts of  
>>> Hibernate, I'm not diverting resources from it. But, if this work  
>>> isn't deemed contributable or highly useful, let me know and I'll stop  
>>> working on it.
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