[hibernate-dev] Envers in Hibernate

Adam Warski adam at warski.org
Wed Oct 22 03:07:37 EDT 2008


> One thing I would like to see in adition is the ability to store
> flattened audting of changes.  There are many examples of such a thing
> on the wiki and the web at large.
yes, that's one of the points on my roadmap - "support for different  
versioning schemes" (provided I have the time to implement it, of  
course :) ). The idea is quite simple - you would be able to plug in  
the way versioned data is stored, but access it using the same  
interface (VersionsReader).

The versioning scheme that I wanted to add would just store entity  
name + entity id + field name + field value combinations. This would  
effectively be a simple audit log. Is it what you meant? You could  
then access the data as before (with VersionsReader.find, for  
example), except that you wouldn't be able to execute queries.


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