[hibernate-dev] Envers in Hibernate

Adam Warski adam at warski.org
Thu Oct 23 07:19:51 EDT 2008


>> Though I'd have to do some adaptation changes. As I was originally  
>> targeting Envers to support JPA mappings, I assumed that it will be  
>> working in an enviroment with Hibernate Annotations/EntityManager.  
>> So I used ReflectionManager to read the @Versioned annotations. In  
>> a pure Hibernate environment, this will not work.
> I don't think that making Envers a module in Core means that you  
> cannot use
> Hibernate Annotations/EnityManager. In fact these two projects are  
> about to be
> moved back into Core. As their own (maven) modules of course.

Ah, ok. Then Envers would have a dependency on the annotations module  
(+ users would have to use AnnotationConfiguration instead of  
Configuration). Makes sense, as you configure Envers through  
annotations (mark classes as versioned/historized), so you probably  
also use Annotations/EntityManager then, not "pure" Hibernate.


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