[hibernate-dev] Envers in Hibernate

Sanne Grinovero sanne.grinovero at gmail.com
Sat Oct 25 05:00:34 EDT 2008

@KeepHistory sounds well, it's straightforward to what it's going to do.

I was thinking about @TrackChanges but you aren't really building "diff"s,
so "history": @TrackHistory or @KeepHistory ?

still including some flavour of the "version" should be better IMHO,
as every programmer
has some knowleger of version tracking ( I hope for them at least).

@KeepVersions @TrackVersions @VersioningControlled ?

2008/10/25 Elias Ross <genman at noderunner.net>:
> On Fri, Oct 24, 2008 at 5:00 PM, Emmanuel Bernard
> <emmanuel at hibernate.org> wrote:
>> @StoreHistory
>> @KeepHistory
>> I probably like @Audited better though.
> @Historized sounds computer science-y and pretty cool. @Chronicled is
> also pretty cool sounding.
> "Audit" is right out. It means: "1 a: a formal examination of an
> organization's or individual's accounts or financial situation b: the
> final report of an audit 2: a methodical examination and review" ..
> You're not examining anything, really you're remembering.
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