[hibernate-dev] @FullTextFilterDef cache

Emmanuel Bernard emmanuel at hibernate.org
Fri Sep 5 07:43:38 EDT 2008

I am thinking about caching and filters.
In 3.0, we cache instances of Filter by using  
In 3.1, we still can cache instances of Filter using  
@FullTextFilterDef(cache=true, cacheBitResult= CacheBitResults.NO)
an we can cache BitSet results by using  
@FullTextFilterDef(cache=true) //, cacheBitResult=  

I think we introduced cacheBitResult to keep @FullTextFilterDef  
backward compatible. But reality is that this feature is not backward  
  - a new layer of caching is automatically added if you keep the  
annotation as in 3.0. It probably won't do too much harm but add an  
unnecessary indirection

Fundamentally, it seems that the annotation should be

This will force a change from 3.0 apps to 3.1 apps but it's much  
I can't seem to find a compelling reason to have instance caching and  
result caching configurable independently.


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