[hibernate-dev] Spellchecker in HSearch

Emmanuel Bernard emmanuel at hibernate.org
Sat Sep 13 10:19:41 EDT 2008

OK I looked at the SpellChecker code from the Lucene contrib) and  
there is no trivial way to integrate it more nicely into Hibernate  
Search. They did not really plan for flexibility.

But it's doable to fork this code and make a spellchecker feature in  
Hibernate Search. Here are a few limitations they have that we need to  
remove. Here is a proposal.
  - more than one field and even more than one index should be the  
source of the dictionary
  - declaring which field is part of a dictionary should be  
declarative @AddToDictionary(name="main-dictionary") (with probably an  
optional field name(s))
  - for a given dictionary name, we need to associate an index and  
probably a field prefix (to share the same index for all  
dictionaries). This couold be by annotations or in the configuration  
(not sure)
  - this index should be kept like any other DirectoryProvider in the  
HSearch intrastructure (we could then reuse ReaderProvider internally  
and don't have leaks).
  - we will probably add a manual dictionary reindex method and the  
SpellChecker API should be in the SearchFactory.
     sf.getDictionary("main-dictionary").spellcheck(word, suggestion);
     sf.getDictionary("main-dictionary").spellcheck(word, suggestion,  
entity, properties...); //not sure how useful is this one really

Of course this needs to be refined.

This is probably 3 or 4 days of work but unfortunately we cannot do  
that for the book it seems. I would be wort mentioning in the section  
that a more integrated solution in on it's way.

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On  Sep 12, 2008, at 09:15, John Griffin wrote:

> Here's the file as a zip. Maybe the pdf wasn't passing.
> Also, Nermina pointed out to me that I skipped section 7.3. So ANY  
> reference
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