[hibernate-dev] Hibernate Core 3.3 / HEM/HAN 3.4.0 migration hooplas

Chris Bredesen cbredesen at redhat.com
Fri Sep 19 09:07:37 EDT 2008

Emmanuel Bernard wrote:

> Lost of people are bitten by the slf4j implementation drop issue: unless 
> you drop an slf4j impl, you get nasty CNFE. I wonder if we could make 
> that easier for users.

I had a chat with a former coworker last night who was starting with 
Hibernate and had downloaded 3.3.  I was a bit surprised that we don't 
package/ship any of the SLF4J implementations.  It's one thing to have 
to explicitly pick one, but it's another thing to have to go download 
something from a third party before Hibernate will even work (unless 
Log4J is unique in this respect...).

Can this be changed?


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