[hibernate-dev] Hibernate web search

Adam Warski adam at warski.org
Tue Sep 23 08:47:52 EDT 2008


> Writing such a queryparser is really easy if you consider acceptable
> to catch "QueryParseException"s
> what I usually do in case of such an exception is report a JSF
> validation error with some instructions about
> query syntax.
Well, Google doesn't show validation exceptions if you mistype the  
query ;) But you get the results you expected anyway. So your query is  
"fixed", it it contains a syntax error.

> The default query parser already supports AND and OR keywords, and by
> extending it and overriding a simple method you can disable
> the similarity symbol "~" if you want to (don't remember the method
> name now but can look it up if you need it); this way the default
> QueryParser already support all of google's basic syntax (excluding
> the advanced fetatures, leaving out stuff like language and website
> keywords...).
Yes, you are right, and I suppose writing a simple version which would  
escape any mistyped charaters shouldn't be very hard.


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