[hibernate-dev] [Bean Validation] Groups and Group sequence

Hardy Ferentschik hibernate at ferentschik.de
Fri Feb 13 06:02:44 EST 2009

On Wed, 11 Feb 2009 14:52:44 +0100, Emmanuel Bernard  
<emmanuel at hibernate.org> wrote:

> 1. Can an annotation declaration use a group sequence name?
> Initially I thought that a sequence was here for the sole purpose of:
>   - redefinining the Default group of a class
>   - a group defined and used at validation time ie   
> validator.validate(object, groupSequenceName)

That was my understanding as well.

> Should we allow a GS to be used in a declaration

No. As you say, it's not really a good practise. It just adds complexity  
which is not
really needed.

> Likewise
> 2. Should we allow superinterfaces on GroupSequence definitions?
> same question, same arguments as 1.


> 3. When defining sequence between two groups, should their supergroups  
> be naturally ordered?

I would expect a natural order.

> 4. Should we consider group sequence as orthogonal to inheritance as  
> described by Sebastian

I am not sure what you really mean here. Was this discussed on the forum  


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