[hibernate-dev] [BVAL-RI] Unit Test Failure

Hardy Ferentschik hibernate at ferentschik.de
Sun Feb 22 10:55:32 EST 2009

Hi Alaa,

thanks for the info. I will fix the unit tests. I actaully passes on my  
machine, but
I can see that it could fail. Really one can not rely on the order of the  

I'll fix it asap.


On Sun, 22 Feb 2009 14:04:26 +0100, Alaa Mohsen <alaa.mohsen at egyptdc.com>  

> Hello Guys,
>      A unit test added in revision 16012 is failing during our builds.  
> The
> test I'm talking about is  
> org.hibernate.validation.engine.groups.GroupTest
> .testGroupSequenceFollowedByGroup(). When I debugged, the iterator  
> defined
> in line 281 always has the constraint violation for phoneNumber before  
> that
> of defaultCreditCard. When I exchanged the locations of the asserts, the
> test succeeded, but of course I don't think that this is a good solution,
> since I'm sure that the tests run successfully on other machines.

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