[hibernate-dev] Re: recommend hibernate tools version for bundling with Seam 2.2

Sanne Grinovero sanne.grinovero at gmail.com
Sun Jun 7 13:48:06 EDT 2009

thanks, as you reminded me this doesn't need to specifically target
hibernate 3.3,
generating compatible code is good enough.

It appears the latest JBoss Tools 3.0.1 are using some build of
Hibernate Tools 3.2.4.GA?
I guessed it from the plugin version being named "3.2.4.GA", but
actually the hibernate-tools.jar
inside the plugin is missing some kind of version information, I've
opened HBX-1125 about this.
On the hibernate SVN and website I couldn't find a 3.2.4.GA, also
maven can't find it so Seam can't use it.

As Seam is using latest stable 3.2.3.GA of "hibernate-tools.jar" I'm
not changing that, hope you agree.


2009/6/7 Max Rydahl Andersen <max.andersen at redhat.com>:
> Unless Hibernate Core have been tested against Hibernate 3.3 then we don't
> have one.
> I simply have not had any time to do it - if you try do the update, please
> let me know if you
> find some problems and i'll get them fixed. Use the latest one from
> jboss.org/tools download.
> Hibernate tools output will though create output that works fine with 3.3.
> /max
> Sanne Grinovero wrote:
>> Hi Max,
>> I'm goig to update the version of hibernate libs included in the Seam
>> distribution to line up with JBoss 5.1.0.GA bundled versions;
>> Which version of Hibernate Tools do you recommend for this?
>> Looking on www.hibernate.org/255.html latest version appears to be
>> 3.2.4.CR2, (btw homepage mentions only .CR1),
>> but the compatibility matrix at www.hibernate.org/6.html needs to be
>> updated as it looks like there are no hibernate tools
>> compatible with core 3.3.1.GA.
>> Could you please clarify this?
>> thanks,
>> Sanne

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