[hibernate-dev] Help with first patch

Juraci Paixao Krohling jcosta at redhat.com
Wed Jun 17 05:57:39 EDT 2009

Em 16-06-2009 23:32, Nikolas Everett escreveu:
> That failed because I'm on Java 1.6 and there are JDBC
> incompatibilities.  I'm not sure how I'd have known that other than the
> comment at the bottom of https://www.hibernate.org/422.html .  So I
> installed Java 1.5 and tried again:
> JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-1.5.0-sun/  mvn clean install
> That failed in testsuite with:
> Failed tests:
>    testProxyReuse(org.hibernate.test.legacy.ParentChildTest)
> testPaginationWithPolymorphicQuery(org.hibernate.test.hql.ASTParserLoadingTest)
>    testMultipleBagFetchesFail(org.hibernate.test.hql.ASTParserLoadingTest)
>    testDuplicateImplicitJoinInSelect(org.hibernate.test.hql.HQLTest)
> Tests in error:
> testLoadingAndSerializationOfConfiguration(org.hibernate.test.cfg.ConfigurationPerformanceTest)
> testSessionFactoryCreationTime(org.hibernate.test.cfg.ConfigurationPerformanceTest)
>    testComplexCriteria(org.hibernate.test.legacy.ParentChildTest)
> Where should I go from here?  Is there some kind of script I can follow?

It seems you have the right setup, then :-) To let Maven finish the 
build even with some test failures, you can set the following properties:


I also disable the distribution (otherwise, it may fail in environments 
which doesn't have "po2xml"):


- Juca.

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